Introducing The Kat and Kermit Show!

Greetings, Turbonauts!! Your CMO, Lisa Weeks, here with a very exciting addition to our ever-growing arsenal of tools to support and promote our amazing indie devs!

Introducing… “The Kat & Kermit Show” on Twitch!!
Featuring our Community Manager, Kat Snow, and our Marketing Coordinator, Robert Maynard a.k.a Kermit, who will be live streaming and guest hosting our devs to showcase their awesomeness! First up in this awesomeness is Jakub Kasztalski of Unbound Creations, whom we are honored to have as one of the very first studios to sign on with TurboPlay! Tune in this Friday, March 8, to learn more about his super cool #FakeNews game, Headliner: NoviNews!

And… HUGE THANKS to the über-talented Bryan Fu, for the unbelievably accurate illustrations of Kat and Kermit as the characters they are!!!


“The Kat & Kermit Show is dedicated to supporting our indie devs on TurboPlay, and spreading the word about these awesome games you may have missed! We will also be playing the ever-popular Fortnite and Apex: Legends, but our main passion is to unearth hidden indie gems and guest host their devs to give you a behind-the-scenes view of their formation! Join the game action with these two “characters” whose dynamic is sure to bring some fun to your day!”

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