Welcome to the #StoreWars

We’re all super excited to be launching into the Store Wars, and it makes us so happy seeing the support we received from all the awesome people who came to our sneak preview party last week! Shout out to Will and Karl for streaming the event and bringing us to even more people! Also, huge thank you to Nikola, Graz, and skybox for serenading us with their amazing chiptunes! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us either live or via live stream! We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store!
What sets our upcoming store apart from others on the market? Firstly developers get 90%!!!! Our platform is built on blockchain, mainly for digital rights management and transparency reasons, but our tokens will be backed 1:1 by USD. Basically, every key becomes a trackable token so we can completely avoid piracy and devs can see exactly how many copies have been sold. 



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