Redefining Video Games Distribution.

Content purchased on the platform can be purchased using traditional payment methods, PayPal, TurboTokens or other liquid digital currencies.


Peer-to-Peer Videogames Marketplace

Made for gamers AND developers

Built by gamers and developers…who know what gamers and developers want.

Full Scalability and Performance

Utilizing leading-edge commerce and decentralized distribution technologies for the ultimate experience.

High Growth Potential

Strategically positioned to rapidly scale into a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Strategic Partners

United in disrupting the status quo of global gaming distribution.

The $137 Billion USD Game Distribution Industry
is ripe for disruption

Game developers and players alike have grown weary of legacy distribution platforms; trapped in a paradigm of outdated technologies and obscure business practices:

  • Developers are burdened with unfair royalty schemes and incomplete sales metrics – typically giving back 30% of every sale
  • Policies and practices are unfriendly to players and developers alike
  • Biased marketing and curation buries indie titles
  • Outdated technologies and interfaces don’t meet the needs of today’s sophisticated developers and players.
  • Centralized architectures are vulnerable to outages and are not scalable to demands.

Today’s developers and gamers can no longer accept the status quo.  It is time for change, using powerful technologies, modern design methods, and a user-focused approach.

TurboPlay is here to redefine game distribution.


Our Executive Team.

Founders & Directors
Vince McMullin, MSc.

Co-Founder TurboPlay, President, CEO, CTO

John Nguyen, LL.B.

Co-Founder TurboPlay, VP, COO

Royal O’Brien

Co-Founder TurboPlay, Co-CTO


Strategic Partners

We are partnered with world-class, industry-leading technology companies, collectively focused on success.


How to Find Us.


438.870.2836 or 506.608.9031



77 Westmorland Street, Suite 300 Fredericton, NB E3B 6Z3

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