MIGS 2018

The Montreal International Game Summit was a rollercoaster ride; an epic ride that took two days to complete! Experiencing one of the largest hubs of video games development left us wanting to see more indie games and meeting their talented developers and team. There were 735 companies from 27 countries in attendance. The indie developers we met and got the privilege to play their games was the true highlight for us! After playing all their games, we wanted to know one thing, “when does your game come out!!?” And we know we aren’t the only ones.
Having already signed such great titles as V3 (Victus Vincimus – Veterans Revenge) by Natural Records Studios, Navy Blue & the Spectrum Killers by Hyper Comb Studio, and Fight the Horror by 4D Creativity! We are stoked for the future from these indie developers!
Getting to meet some of our idols at the Epic table, to experiencing what the business side of international partnerships hosted by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, or sitting in on an enlightening talk by Tim Sweeney…like we said an epic rollercoaster ride!
Thankful for the bonkers after parties hosted by the delightful Lidi Giroux from East Side Games, Ken Seto from Massive Damage Inc., Jason Della Rocca and GamePlay Space.
We are proud to be changing the path of P2P videogames distribution marketplace, to give a fair chance to all the creative minds who produce the games we love! 🙂


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